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April 24, 2019

Southwestern in the News: Vázquez speaks about immigration court, Caldwell gives deportees a voice, and more!

This month’s SW LAW BLOG features some of our incredible faculty/alumni and their take on a few unique areas of law.

  • Is it time for immigration courts to gain their independence from the Executive Branch’s Department of Justice? Some say it’s long been overdue, that certain policies are placing a burden on due process, and that immigration courts have been politicized. Professor Vázquez, an immigrant rights professor and Director of our Community Lawyering Clinic, spoke with the Pacific Standard to comment on how immigration courts are not always fair. Read the full article here. 
  • Professor Caldwell’s new book, Deported Americans, tells an all too familiar story of deportation and the effects it has on a deportee’s sense of home. Many deportees have only known one home—America. Through her extensive research, she aims to switch the lens of deportation to the other side of our borders. Read the full story here.
  • Brian Panish '84, a leading trial attorney in both the country and in California, has won several million-dollar jury verdicts for his clients. He was recently featured in a Great Trials podcast. Listen to the podcast to hear more about Panish’s $4.9 billon verdict and current high-profile cases, such as the Southern California Fire Cases litigation.
  • Neville Johnson '75 is the Plaintiff’s attorney for a Class Action against Warner Bros. The case involves the issue of whether contracts made for royalties during  the Rock N’ Roll era apply in the same way for royalties in our digital streaming era. Read more here
  • Earlier this month the 28th Congressional District honored Lara Yeretsian ’97 as Woman of the Year. Yerestian immigrated to the United States with her family due to the civil war in Lebanon and has established herself as a highly successful female attorney. Read the Congressional Record—Extension of Remarks, honoring our superstar Bison!

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