Tuition and Fees

2024 - 2025 Tuition Rates

Tuition and fees are subject to change.

For the Fall and Spring terms, all J.D. candidates will be charged flat-rate tuition based solely on their program and not on the number of units taken. In subsequent years, the flat-rate tuition amount will likely increase but will remain based on a student's program and not on the number of units taken.

During Summer terms, students are charged on a per-unit basis with the exception of SCALE students who are charged for the first four (4) units. The per-unit charge for Summer 2024 is $2,024. Traditional Day students can graduate in three years without attending Summer Session. SCALE students must attend Summer Session to graduate in two years. Part-time students will generally need to attend Summer Session to graduate in four years. (Please see Summer Attendance Requirements below.)

LL.M. students are charged on a per-unit basis. The per-unit charge for LL.M. students for 2024-25 Fall/Spring is $2,024.

Note: Students who are enrolled concurrently in the J.D./M.B.A. program should get specific details on tuition and financial aid at  

To determine the total cost of tuition for each program, students should multiply their program's total tuition (below) by the number of years required to graduate, allowing for annual tuition increases and any summer sessions attended. The flat-rate tuitions factor in the anticipated summer enrollment and tuition, depending on the J.D. program. Please note that Summer Abroad costs are determined by the program attended and are charged separately from the tuition rates listed below.

Tuition for the Full-Time Online J.D. and Part-Time Online J.D. programs is the same as tuition for our on-campus Full-Time and Part-Time programs.

Full-Time and Part-Time J.D. Programs (on-campus and online)

Program Fall 2024 Spring 2025 Total Tuition
Full-Time $ 30,364 $ 30,364 $ 60,728
Part-Time $ 20,251 $ 20,251 $ 40,502*

*Not including required Summer Sessions. See Summer Attendance Requirements below.

Two-Year Accelerated J.D. Program (SCALE)

Program Per Period Periods per Year Summer Total Tuition
SCALE I $ 21,328 4 n/a $ 85,312
SCALE II $ 21,328 4 $ 8,096* $ 93,408

* SCALE II students are charged for the first four (4) summer units taken.

Other Tuition Rates

  Per Unit
Summer 2024 $ 2,024
LL.M. Students (Summer 2024) $ 2,024
LL.M. Students (Fall/Spring) $ 2,024
Visiting Students (Summer 2024) $ 2,024
Visiting Students (Fall/Spring) $ 2,024
Summer Externship (Full-Time Day) $ 1,000 (Flat Rate)
January Intersession No Charge (J.D. & SCALE)

STRF Fees — 2024-2025 Academic Year

These fees are mandatory and non-refundable. STRF fees for the 2024/2025 award year have been waived.

Class Total Fee
SCALE Incoming $0.00
SCALE Continuing $0.00
Part Time Incoming $0.00
Part Time Continuing* $0.00
Full Time $0.00

*Assumes 3.33 units summer

Fees were added due to BPPE approval as of July 21, 2023.

Other Fees - Anticipated Student Services Fees

Parking Cost Unit
Parking Fee (Day) $510 Fall/Spring
Parking Fee (Evening) $154 Fall/Spring
Parking Fee (SCALE I) $603 Periods 1-4
Parking Fee (SCALE II) $414 Periods 5-7
Parking Fee (SCALE II) $138 Period 8
Parking Fee (Summer Term) $40 per term
Parking Fee (Campus Housing) $75 per month

Summer Attendance Requirements

SCALE students are required to complete at least six (6) units during the summer between SCALE I and SCALE II but are only charged for the first four (4) units.

Part-time J.D. students taking ten units/semester must attend summer sessions in order to graduate in four (4) academic years. The number of summer units taken by part-time students varies from as few as two (2) to as many as five (5) summer.

Full-time J.D. students are not required to take summer courses to graduate on time (in three academic years).

Residency Units

In addition to the 87 units necessary to graduate, students must satisfy residency requirements. All students are required to earn six residency units in order to graduate. They are earned as follows:

  • Full-time students earn one residency unit for each fall or spring semester completed satisfactorily.
  • Part-time students earn 0.75 (three quarters) of a residency unit for each fall or spring semester completed satisfactorily.
  • SCALE students earn 0.67 (sixty-seven hundredths) of a residency unit for each term or grading period completed satisfactorily. SCALE students attend nine terms or grading periods during their program.
  • Residency units are not earned for any Summer Session (except for SCALE students), Summer Law Programs or Intersession Programs.

If a student has NOT completed the residency requirements, regardless of how many units the student needs to graduate, the student will be charged flat rate tuition for one Semester or SCALE term. Additional details and information regarding Early Graduation Requests may be found in the Graduation Requirements  Policy on the Institutional Policies Page.

Tuition Refund Policy

View our Student's Right to Cancel and Tuition Refund Policy (Mar 2024) on our Institutional Policies page here