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Image - Meet the 2021 OUTLaw Board Members

June 30, 2021

Meet Our 2021 OUTLaw Board Members

We are excited to introduce the following group of students as the next generation of pioneers and advocates leading our OUTLaw student organization. 

It is OUTLaw’s mission to educate the community at large about legal and social conflicts and issues that affect LGBTQI+ individuals and the LGBTQI+ community. In addition, OUTLaw supports LGBTQI+ students at Southwestern with a network of nurturing connections and opportunities for positive socialization with other LGBTQI and allied individuals. Finally, they promote the visibility and unity of the LGBTQI community at Southwestern Law School and in the Los Angeles area.

President - Alix Powers

Image - Alix PowersYear: 3L Traditional Day
Future Aspiration: I want to work in labor and employment law to advocate for racial and gender equity in the workplace. I'd also love to become involved in local government at some point in my career. Whatever I do in the future I hope that it's something that stays true to where I come from and pushes for radical change in oppressive systems that harm people in our society.
Activities: OUTLaw, HPLP, Labor & Employment Law Association, Summer Associate at Levin & Nalbandyan, Volunteer at the Community Veteran's Justice Project, Summer Research Intern at the National Institute of Military Justice, Member of the Dean's Task Force for Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Belonging 
She says: "Pride comes in so many different forms and I hope that however you celebrate Pride celebrates exactly who you are!" 
Fun Fact: I love learning new languages! I speak French fluently and have been learning Russian and Vietnamese over the last few years.
LGBTQ+ Role Model: Right now I'm so inspired by the writers and cast for the TV show Pose. Janet Mock is challenging the entertainment industry on another level and makes her work about advocacy and visibility. The entire cast of the show uses their platform to call out the stigmas that exist about the Trans community. Cast members like MJ Rodriguez and Indya Moore are placing Black Trans women and Trans women of color at the forefront of LGBTQ+ culture where they deserve to be.


Vice-President - Jacob Halajian

Image - Jacob HalajianYear: 3L, Traditional Day
Future Aspiration: Working on a hit TV show or movie that features an LGBTQ+ storyline.
Activities: I love to travel. I never get tired of seeing new places or visiting places I've been to before and going back to see new things. 
He says: "Always remember your WHY" - Professor de Gyarfas
Fun Fact: I used to tell my parents, "I will never ever go to law school."
LGBTQ+ Role Model: Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar. I love how fearless he is in the way he tells stories about queer characters and communities that live on the fringes of society.


Treasurer - Nolan Nardecchia

Image - Nolan NardecchiaYear: 2L Traditional Day
Future Aspiration: Entertainment Attorney then transition into Civil Rights/Local Government 
Activities: I volunteer with the Los Angeles LGBT Center and The Trevor Project. I am currently externing with Professor Ravid at The Film Collaborative and work as a clinician with The Entertainment & the Arts Clinic. I also serve as a Dean’s Fellow and am the 2021-2022 Chair of the Board of Governors for Southwestern’s Negotiation Honors Program.
He says: “Never let anyone tell you who you are or what you are worth. You are worthy and capable of pursuing your dreams. Be strong, brave, and go for it! Happy Pride Month y’all!"
Fun Fact: I have a Goldendoodle (dog) named Teddy so say hi if you see us walking around campus this upcoming school year!
LGBTQ+ Role Model: Frank Kameny


Secretary - Ericka Flores

Image - Ericka FloresYear: 2L, Part-Time Day
Future Aspiration: To share my legal knowledge with underrepresented communities of color.
Activities: I love engaging in social justice community organizing and spending time with my two dogs. 
She says: "Your silence will not protect you." - Audre Lorde
Fun Fact: I love airplanes and always wished to learn to fly one (have not yet)!
LGBTQ+ Role Model: Megan Rapinoe - soccer legend and women's equal pay champion.