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Image - Brynn Bodair and Christopher Gordon

April 20, 2021

2Ls Brynn Bodair and Christopher Gordon Named 2020-2021 Paul Miller Memorial Fund Award Recipients

Congratulations to Southwestern's own Brynn Bodair and Christopher Gordon on receiving the Los Angeles Copyright Society's 2020-2021 Paul Miller Memorial Fund Award!

The Award is presented in memory of Paul Miller, a longtime member and supporter of the Los Angeles Copyright Society. He was a studio business affairs executive at Universal Television, Paramount Studios, George Burns Productions, and MCA Artists.  Throughout his career, he was a beloved mentor to younger colleagues in the industry.  Established in 2007 by his many friends and colleagues, the Paul Miller Memorial Fund Award is given to outstanding students from Los Angeles area law schools who demonstrate academic excellence in copyright and entertainment law.

Under the Paul Miller Memorial Fund, Brynn and Christopher will have the opportunity to attend monthly Los Angeles Copyright Society's virtual meetings, free of charge, for the rest of the 2020-2021 term.

Congratulations to both students on their outstanding achievements!

Image - Brynn Bodair

"I am grateful to the Los Angeles Copyright Society for this Award. Additionally, I am thankful to have the privilege to attend their meetings which offer fantastic presentations on a variety of copyright issues. From the minute I started law school, I wanted to pursue entertainment law. Between Southwestern Law School's plentiful entertainment-related coursework, the Entertainment and the Arts Legal Clinic, and my work as a law clerk for LeFan Law and Lowe and Associates, I've had the pleasure of gaining experience in this field of law. With a background in dance and film, I am fascinated by copyright law and excited to further study and work within this field of law."



Image - Christopher Gordon

"It is an honor to receive the Paul Miller Memorial Fund Award. Copyright law is fascinating, complex, and constantly evolving due to technological advances.  I suggest the class to anybody even if they are not interested in working in the entertainment industry.  I want to thank Professor Ravid for nominating me for the Award and Professor Seigle for making Copyright Law such an exciting and rewarding class this past summer."