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August 20, 2018

Five Law School Success Tips (in Five Minutes)

Calvin Lowery '12 - (Student Services) is here to help Southwestern students plan, cope, and thrive.

Here are Calvin’s top 5 tips he would like to share with students to help them succeed in law school.

Tip #1. 

Tip #2. 


 Tip #3. 


 Tip #4. 


 Tip #5. 

Calvin Lowery '12 meets with students daily. He listens to their woes, empathizes with their struggles, and provides guidance and assistance to help them tackle law school at their very best. Calvin understands firsthand what students are going through. After all, he’s been in their shoes. He was once a student at Southwestern, and now, as our Assistant Director of Student Services from the Dean of Students and Diversity Affairs Office, he is in a unique position to be able to counsel students and connect them with the right resources.

His office serves a vital role on campus. The Dean of Students and Diversity Affairs Office assists students with matters of academic or personal concern, including academic status, attendance matters, course selection, progress to graduation, and personal issues. This is the office to go to if you need to request exam accommodations, if you’re interested in study abroad programs, or if you need to make special registration requests. Visit their page here.


Image - Calvin Lowery“Our office is on campus specifically to help students succeed in law school. Once you become a student, life doesn’t stop. Anytime you come across anything that you feel might be an obstacle to your ability to perform at the level you know you can in law school — you come talk to us. Anything from a family member passing, to transportation issues, financial issues, to just feeling overwhelmed with the number of requirements you need to meet in law school — that’s what our office is there for." 

 — Calvin Lowery '12, Assistant Director of Student Services