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Securing the Roof Over our Heads

February 7, 2024

2024 Municipal Law Institute Symposium Targets California's Housing Crisis

Los Angeles, CA —  Southwestern Law School is proud to partner with The League of California Cities for the 2024 Municipal Law Institute Symposium on Friday, February 16th, 2024, at Southwestern’s campus. The symposium, titled “Securing the Roof Over Our Heads: Developing Solutions to California’s Housing Needs,” is dedicated to highlighting the severe housing crisis in California and advancing discussions on legal and policy frameworks to address this critical issue. 

Symposium Overview: 

In the face of an unprecedented housing crisis, the symposium offers a platform for legal experts, policymakers, and advocates to navigate the complexities of housing in California. The day-long program will dissect the legal, practical, and compassionate approaches needed to address the unhoused crisis, delve into the nuances of rent control, and outline the financing and development of affordable housing projects.  

The symposium boasts a distinguished roster of speakers, featuring key figures such as Rob Ewing, Town Attorney of Danville and Committee Co-Chair; Dion O’Connell, Deputy City Attorney of Pasadena and Committee Co-Chair; and John Heilman, Professor of Law at Southwestern Law School and former Mayor of West Hollywood. 

Panel discussions will cover a spectrum of critical issues, from local and state strategies for managing the unhoused crisis to the intricacies of balancing state legislation with local needs, the expansion of rent control and eviction protections, and effective avenues for bolstering affordable housing stocks. The symposium will include an informal meet & greet reception after the program, where attendees can meet members of the attorneys from the Municipal Law Institute and Attorney Development and Succession Committees, as well as attorneys who practice municipal and public law.

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About The League of California Cities: 

The League of California Cities has been shaping the Golden State’s political landscape since the association was founded in 1898. We defend and expand local control through advocacy efforts in the Legislature, at the ballot box, in the courts, and through strategic outreach that informs and educates the public, policymakers, and opinion leaders. Cal Cities also offers education and training programs designed to teach city officials about new developments in their field and exchange solutions to common challenges facing their cities.    

About Southwestern Law School: 

Southwestern Law School, located in the heart of Los Angeles, is a cornerstone of innovative legal education. With a history that spans over a century, Southwestern has established itself as an institution committed to providing students with a diverse and inclusive learning environment. Known for its trailblazing programs, exceptional faculty, and a strong network of successful alumni, Southwestern Law School equips its students with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge necessary to excel in various legal careers. As a dynamic community of legal scholars and practitioners, Southwestern continues to nurture the next generation of legal professionals, empowering them to make significant contributions to society and the legal field.