JHP Public Service Fellows

In addition to Harry’s Boot Camp, Southwestern also offers the Judge Harry Pregerson Public Service Fellowships, our premier summer fellowships that are designed to encourage and support Southwestern students who are pursuing careers reflecting the late Judge Harry Pregerson’s values, determination, and impact on life in Southern California. 

JHP Public Service Fellows are selected students who demonstrate exceptional dedication to public service, and who are most likely to dedicate their legal careers to working on behalf of underserved communities and causes. Through funded summer fellowships, specialized training, leadership development, and facilitating interaction with practitioners, academics, and like-minded students, JHP Public Service Fellows also serve as an integral part of creating service-minded culture, community, and leadership at Southwestern.

JHP Public Service Fellows will receive one of the most generous stipends of any summer fellowships offered at Southwestern.  Fellowships awards will be in the sum of $8,000 each to five (5) second-year students and of $5,500 each to five (5) first-year students.

Selection Criteria

JHP Public Service Fellows are selected through a competitive committee review and interview process comprised of Southwestern faculty, staff and alumni who select JHP Public Service Fellows on the basis of merit, potential for leadership and demonstrated commitment or significant achievements in the fields of public service.

Public service is defined broadly: encompassing policy and legal positions with government, civil legal aid agencies, non-profit organizations, academia, social entrepreneurship, community development, and law firms whose primary mission is serving the public interest.

In assessing these criteria, the program looks at the whole person and considers previous life experience and professional work.

Participation Requirements

JHP Public Service Fellow candidates will be required to meet participation requirements in Public Service Program-sponsored educational and training programming throughout the year that will range from skills-based training, leadership development and mentoring, facilitating interaction with practitioners, alumni, and like-minded students as all JHP Public Service Fellows are an integral part of creating service-minded culture, community, and leadership at Southwestern. Summer fellowship applications to be renewed annually based on satisfactory academic performance and full participation.

The following Southwestern activities and programs are required for all fellow candidates:

  • Attendance at The Annual Judge Harry Pregerson Public Service Award Program
  • Seminars and speaker series
  • Meetings and practical trainings, including the Judge Harry Pregerson Public Service Boot Camp
  • Full-time summer clerkships during 1L and 2L summers
  • Public interest / public sector recruitment programs and career fairs
  • 25-hours of pro bono service each year
  • Remaining in good academic standing

Application Process

The JHP Public Service Fellowship application requires:

  • The JHP Public Service Fellows application form
  • Resume with details of all public service experiences: education, work, and public service
  • A 600-word minimum statement describing:
    1. your experience in public service or commitment to working on behalf of underserved communities
    2. factors that influenced your commitment to public service
    3. why you are a competitive candidate

Review and Selection

JHP Public Service Fellows are selected through a competitive committee review and interview process consisting of Southwestern faculty, staff, and alumni. The committee will give priority to applicants with a history of full-time nonprofit or public interest-focused work. The application and interview timelines will be announced by January 2025.

  1. 2023 JHP Public Service Fellows


    Bryon Alvarez 2022 JHP Fellow
    Donald Bullock 2022 JHP Fellow
    Anthony Carini 2022 JHP Fellow
    Shara Darden 2022 JHP Fellow
    Alexander Drew 2022 JHP Fellow
    Desiree Ibarra 2022 JHP Fellow
    Carie Martin 2022 JHP Fellow
    Zara Mokhtar 2022 JHP Fellow
    Isel Ramirez 2022 JHP Fellow
    Nadia Salcedo 2022 JHP Fellow


  2. 2022 JHP Public Service Fellows


    JHP Fellow Bryon Alvarez headshot with text "Bryon Alvarez" belowJHP Fellow Shara Darden headshot with text "Shara Darden" below
    JHP Fellow Angelica Gonzalez headshot with text "Angelica Gonzalez" belowJHP Fellow Carie Martin headshot with text "Carie Martin" below
    JHP Fellow Vivian Meza headshot with text "Vivian Meza" belowJHP Fellow Zara Mohktar headshot with text "Zara Mokhtar" below
    JHP Fellow Vianney Munoz headshot with text "Vianney Munoz" belowJHP Fellow Lorenzo Orozco headshot with text "Lorenzo Orozco" below
    JHP Fellow Tina Petrosian headshot with text "Tina Petrosian" belowJHP Fellow Nadia Salcedo headshot with text "Nadia Salcedo" below


  3. 2021 JHP Public Service Fellows


    Image - JHP Fellow FionaJHP Fellow Jaqueline
    Image - JHP Fellow DamonImage - JHP Fellow Dorna
    Image - JHP Fellow VianneyImage - JHP Fellow Jeff
    Image - JHP Fellow TatianaImage - JHP Fellow Pinar
    ​​Image - JHP Fellow EleniImage - JHP Fellow Stevie


  4. 2020 JHP Public Service Fellows


    Vincent Choi Andrew Hyman
    Brendan NafarrateHale
    Katherine Vazquez