Federal Work Study (FWS)

Eligible Employment

Any office at Southwestern, nonprofit organization or government agency that meets the requirements set forth in federal regulation, is considered to be an eligible FWS employer. No sectarian or political group will be approved as an employer. The employer must be able to meet its share of any financial obligation inherent in the hiring of the student. A student does not automatically qualify for a job simply based on FWS eligibility. The student must still pass the employer's interview.

Community Service

Southwestern is required to designate a portion of its FWS allocation to jobs in the service of the community. Students are encouraged to participate in jobs which are in the public interest. A listing of current and potential community service eligible employers is available in the Financial Aid and Career Services offices.

Salary Guidelines

On campus FWS wages range from $18 to $24 per hour, depending upon the job responsibilities. The employer determines off-campus wages. Current federal regulations require that at least the minimum wage be paid.

Work Study Opportunities

The Career Services Office provides career planning and job counseling services for students and alumni and is involved with marketing the law school and its students to legal employers. The staff conducts a variety of workshops, hosts seminars, reviews resumes, and videotapes mock interviews for enrolled students; maintains contact with legal employers; and actively participates in professional legal associations. Career Services also coordinates On-Campus Interview Programs in the fall and spring and maintains job listing files and a career resource library.


The Federal Work Study (FWS) Program is designed to assist students in meeting their educational expenses through part-time employment, and to encourage them to participate in community service activities. Employment earnings are paid twice a month, directly to the student. Once approved for FWS funds, the student must secure a position through an eligible employer. Job opportunities are posted in the Career Services Office.

Current Students may find Work Study details and forms on the Portal (log-in required).