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The Southwestern Law Review is a student-edited quarterly journal that publishes scholarly articles and commentary on the law contributed by prominent jurists, practitioners, law professors, and student members of the Law Review staff.

Participation in the Law Review program provides students with the opportunity for concentrated study in specific areas of the law and enhances their skills in legal research, writing, and analysis. Each Law Review member has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and a solid foundation in legal skills. Students ranked in the top 10% of the first-year day or SCALE, and second-year evening or PLEAS classes are invited to participate on Law Review. Additionally, several students in the top 30% of their class are extended invitations based on their performance in the annual Summer Write-On Competition. The entire editorial and publication process is directed by an editorial board composed of students who have met stringent academic requirements and have at least one year of membership on the Law Review staff. Under the close supervision of the Law Review Faculty Advisors, all incoming staff members write a draft note during the fall semester Law Review Staff Seminar. The staff members revise these draft notes during the spring semester and submit the drafts to the editorial board for possible publication.

The Southwestern Law Review focuses on a variety of legal issues in California and federal law. Recent volumes have featured articles examining environmental law, the First Amendment, labor law, family law, public interest law, health law, copyright, criminal procedure, the right to privacy, sexual harassment, and the federal and state Statutes of Limitation.

As part of its activities, the Law Review also sponsors symposia and the Distinguished Lecture Series. These programs feature prominent members of the legal community who lecture or participate in panel discussions on topical legal issues. Recent symposia have covered topics such as:

  • Widening the Lens of Justice: Unmasking the Layers of Racial and Social Inequality
  • A Conversation About Deported Americans
  • New Frontiers in Torts: The Challenges of Science, Technology, and Innovation
  • Immigration in the Trump Era
  • Modern Implications of the Laws of War
  • Stuck in Forward? Debt, Austerity and the Possibilities of the Political, a ClassCrits Workshop
  • 40 Years of LGBT Legal Activism - Taking Stock and Looking Ahead
  • CERCLA and the Future of Liability-Based Environmental Regulation
  • Beyond Borders - Extraterritoriality in American Law
  • Bankruptcy in the New Millennium
  • The Evolution of J.D. Programs - Is Non-Traditional Becoming More Traditional?

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    The Write-on Competition requires submitting a short paper (maximum seven pages, double-spaced) in response to a closed-universe problem. No outside research is permitted, and students may not consult outside sources. Students will only have access to a downloadable copy of the problem from the Law Review and Law Journal Write-on Competition Canvas page.

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Current Issue

  1. Vol. 52, No. 3, Spring 2024
    i Table of Contents (PDF

    Concluding the Restatement (Third) of Torts: An Introduction (PDF) Byron G. Stier and Christopher J. Robinette 


    A Brief Introduction to the American Law Institute and the Restatements of Torts (PDF) Hon. Goodwin H. Liu


    The American Law Institute and the Restatement (Third) of Torts: Presentation of Michael Green (PDF) Michael D. Green


    Tort Theory and the Restatement, in Retrospect (PDF) Keith N. Hylton


    Is the Third Restatement of Design Defect a Defective Product? (PDF) Gregory C. Keating


    The Role of Tort Theory in the Third Restatement of Torts: An Explanation and Defense (PDF) Kenneth W. Simons


    Tort Theory and the Restatements: Presentation of Catherine Sharkey (PDF) Catherine M. Sharkey


    Informed Consent in the Restatement of Medical Malpractice (PDF) Mark A. Hall


    Modernizing the Medical Malpractice Standard of Care (PDF) Philip G. Peters, Jr.


    Informed Consent in the New Restatement on Medical Malpractice: A Friendly Critique (PDF) Nina A. Kohn


    Keynote Symposium Presentation of Brian Panish and Jesse Creed (PDF) Brian Panish and Jesse Creed


    The Equity of Tort Claims for Medical Monitoring (PDF) Mark A. Geistfeld

    512 The Restatement (Third) of Torts Proposes Abandoning Tort Law’s Present Injury Requirement to Allow Medical Monitoring Claims: Should Courts Follow? (PDF) Victor E. Schwartz and Christopher E. Appel

    Trauma Damages (PDF) Martha Chamallas


    Why Courts Should Continue to Reject Innovator Liability Theories that Seek to Hold Branded Drug Manufacturers Liable for Generic Drug Injuries (PDF) Mark A. Behrens and Christopher E. Appel

    607 Damages: Symposium Presentation of Anthony Sebok (PDF) Anthony J. Sebok

    Damages: Symposium Presentation of Ibiere Seck (PDF) Ibiere N. Seck


    Damages and Trial Practice: Symposium Presentation of Judge Kevin Brazile (PDF) Hon. Kevin C. Brazile

     Notes and Comments


    “Remain in Mexico” Policy and Its Progeny: Is There Hope?  (PDF) Elena V. Cordonean


    Don’t Go Down that Aisle: Circuit Courts’ Problematic Interpretation of Sentencing Enhancements and the Need for Change (PDF) Peter S. Demerdjian

    661 How Conservatorships are “Toxic” for Women’s Reproductive Rights (PDF) Kristin A. Strange


Recent Issues

  1. Vol. 52, No. 2, Spring 2023
    i Table of Contents (PDF

    Foreword (PDFLloyd L. Lee


    Reflections on Place and People from Within (PDFM. Alexander Pearl


    Thoughts on A Nation Within’s Discussion of the Navajo Nation’s Water Rights (PDFAdam Crepelle


    Tribal Self-Determination and A Nation Within (PDFAngela R. Riley


    Ma’ii and Nanaboozhoo Fistfight in Heaven (PDFTamera Begay and Mathew L.M. Fletcher


    Reform in the Fifth World (PDFJessica A. Shoemaker


    The Reports of My Death Are Greatly Exaggerated: The Continued Vitality of Worcester v. Georgia (PDFDylan R. Hedden-Nicely


    The Nation Within: Prospects for an Indigenous Future (PDFWendy S. Greyeyes


    Afterword: With Gratitude (PDFEzra Rosser

     Notes and Comments

    293 Double Taxation on the Rise: Addressing Double State Income Tax for Remote Workers (PDFMatthew Behboud

    Supreme Court Ethics Regulation: Amending the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 to Address Justices’ Unethical Behavior (PDFApril Rivera

    330 Lyrical Murderers: Why We Should Think Twice Before Admitting Rap Lyrics in Criminal Cases (PDFBryse K. Thornwell
  2. Vol. 52, No. 1, Fall 2022
    i Table of Contents (PDF

    Foreword: Beginning with Admitting Inhumanity (PDFMartha Minow


    Truth, Healing, Empowerment: Eric Yamamoto on Reparative Justice for the People of Jeju (PDFNatsu Taylor Saito


    Accountability for the Harms of Indigenous Boarding Schools: The Challenge of “Healing the Persisting Wounds” of “Historic Injustice” (PDFRebecca Tsosie


    Bringing to Light: Reflections on Professor Yamamoto’s “Social Healing Through Justice” and the Potential of the California Truth & Healing Council (PDFMargaret M. Russell


    A Social Healing Approach to Native Hawaiian Claims: Law and Resistance at Maunakea (PDFSusan K. Serrano


    Pūpūkahi I Holomua: Critical Lessons of Social Healing Through Justice for Native Hawaiians Redress in Canada and Its Human Rights Legacy (PDFTroy J.H. Andrade


    Redress in Canada and Its Human Rights Legacy (PDFGreg Robinson


    Human Rights Law and Social Healing Through Justice for Cheju Massacres (1947-1954): The United States’ Unlawful Acts and Omissions (PDFSang-Soo Hur


    Jeju Peace, Education, and Reconciliation: Continued Challenges Relating to the Jeju 4.3 Tragedy (PDFKunihiko Yoshida


    What Jeju 4.3 Survivors and Families Can Learn from the Global South in Seeking Justice from an Empire (PDFRuben Carranza


    Afterword: International Reparations: What Justice Amends Can and Should There Be? (PDFEric K. Yamamoto

     Notes and Comments

    161 Your Secret Cell Phone Passcode May Not Be a Secret for Long: The Uncertainty of Compelled Password Production (PDFMichael Seager

    Katz in the Digital Age: Why the Katz Subjective Prong Must Be Restrengthened (PDFAsh Wold

  3. Vol. 51, No. 1, Fall 2021
    i Table of Contents (PDF
     1 Foreword (PDF) Justice (Ret.) Gary Hastings

    Videoconferencing and Legal Doctrine (PDF) Scott Dodson

    20 Empathy and Remote Legal Proceedings (PDFSusan A. Bandes & Neal Feigenson

    Online Jury Selection: New Tools for Jury Trials (PDF) Jeffrey T. Frederick


    Bearing Witness to, Well, Witnesses: An Examination of Remote Testimony Versus In-Court Testimony (PDF) Karen Lisko


    Civil Jury Trials by Zoom: We're All Plugged into One World Now (PDF) Ted A. Donner

    91 Access to Justice in a Time of COVID (PDF) Douglas G. Carnahan

    The Constitutionality of Remote Trials (PDF) Norman M. Garland


    The Online Criminal Trial as a Public Trial (PDF) Stephen E. Smith

    133 Prosecutorial Dilemmas amid the Pandemic and Online Jury Trials (PDF) Brandon Marc Draper
    142 Mediation in the COVID-19 Era: Is Online Mediation Here to Stay? (PDF) Kristi J. Paulson

     Notes and Comments

    156 Hero and Villain: The Defense Production Act in the Era of COVID-19 (PDFAriel F. Coto
     174 Independent Character Copyrightability and the Implications of DC Comics v. Towle: Formulating a Framework Based on the Realities of Character Construction (PDF) Eric Naessig


  4. Vol. 50, No. 3, Fall 2022


    i Table of Contents (PDF
     397 Foreword: Widening the Lens of Justice: Unmasking the Layers of Racial and Social Inequality (PDF) Isabelle R. Gunning

    The Death Penalty and Race and How the Ultimate Punishment Highlights the Flaws in Our Criminal Justice System (PDF) Kenneth Williams

    419 Real Justice for Breonna: Re-Envisioning Knock-and-Announce (PDFNjery Mathis Rutledge

    Growing Concerns About Spatial Inequality Related to the COVID-19 Economy: Reflections on Place Based Policies (PDF) Kenya L. Covington


    New Steps Toward Environmental Justice: The California Coastal Act and Environmental Justice Near Ports (PDF) Heather Kryczka, Natalia Ospina & Taylor Thomas


    Partisan Gerrymandering as a Threat to Multicultural Democracy (PDF) Bertrall L. Ross

     Notes and Comments

    526 Strictly Speaking: Transforming Fair Users From Defendants to Copyright Holders (PDFAleeza Marashlian


  5. Vol. 50, No. 2, Spring 2021


    i Table of Contents (PDF)
     208 Moving Forward (PDF) Chacon, Jennifer M.

    Relief and Statutes of Limitation for Deportable Noncitizens under Asian Exclusion, 1882-1948 (PDF) Chin, Gabriel J.

    231 (Un)Equal Immigration Protection (PDFRosenbaum, Carrie L.

    Activism, Identity and Rights in Deportee Communities (PDF) Saucedo, Leticia M.


    The Impacted Immigration Lawyer in the Era of Trump: Empathy, Wellbeing, and Sustainable Lawyering (PDF) Vazquez, Julia


    Culture and Borders: Place and Self (PDF) Vigil, Diego

    305 Immigration Law Lessons from Deported Americans: Life after Deportation to Mexico (PDF) Johnson, Kevin R.

    Laying the Legal Foundation for a Right to Stay in Deported Americans (PDF) Shah, Ragini


    Learning from Deported Americans (PDF) Eagly, Ingrid

    342 Deportation in the Shadows of Due Process: The Dangerous Implications of DHS v. Thuraissigiam (PDF) Kanstroom, Daniel
    359 Reflections on the Right to Move Freely across Borders (PDF) Caldwell, Beth

    Empowering Immigration Judges to Sanction Attorneys Abusing the Powerless (PDF) Bran, Abraham Estuardo


  6. Vol. 50, No. 1, Spring 2021


    i Table of Contents (PDF)
     1 All Except for: Animus That Drives Exclusions in Criminal Justice Reform (PDF) Carpenter, Catherine L.
    44 Banishing 'Sex Offenders': How Meaningless Language Makes Bad Law (PDF) Hamilton-Smith, Guy
    70 Advocating for 290 Registrants in the Era of Coronavirus and Court Closures (PDF) Bellucci, Janice M.; Morse, Carlton
    91 Moral Dimensions of Warfare (PDF) Qureshi, Waseem Ahmad

     Notes and Comments

    129 The Problem with Johnson and Lemond: Irreconcilable Science and the Brady-Napue No-Man's Land (PDFHyman, Andy
     151 Testing the Scope of Status (PDF) Jansson, Erica L.
    179 An Illusion of Choice: Defunding the Right to Choose (PDF) Rutenberg, Meg


  7. Vol. 49, No. 3, Spring 2021


    i Table of Contents (PDF)
    348 Dedication (PDF) Byron G. Stier
     349 New Frontiers in Tort Law and the Challenges of Science, Technology & Innovation: An Introduction (PDF) Byron G. Stier

    Holistic Tort Theory (PDF) Alan Calnan


    Rendering Justice in Key Areas of Tort Law in the Next Decade (PDF) Victor E. Schwartz


    Outgunned No More?: Reviving a Firearms Industry Mass Tort Litigation (PDF) Linda S. Mullenix

    436 The Rule of Science and the Rule of Law (PDF) Mark S. Behrens; Andrew J. Trask

    Brave New World: Technology and Tort Practice (PDF) Richard Marcus


    Incorporating an Actual Malice Exception to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (PDF) Christopher J. Robinette; Shannon N. Costa


    Torts: Past, Present, and Future - Presentation of Brian Panish (PDF) Brian Panish


    Torts: Past, Present, and Future - Presentation of Victor Schwartz (PDF) Victor Schwartz


    New Developments in Tort Litigation: Presentation of Francis McGovern (PDF) Francis McGovern


    The Education of the Judiciary: The Sciences Addressing Disease Causation (PDF) Michael Green


    New Means of Financing Tort Lawsuits and Law Firms: Presentation of Professor Anthony Sebok (PDF) Anthony Sebok


    New Means of Financing Tort Lawsuits and Law Firms: Presentation of James Fischer (PDF) James Fischer


     Notes and Comments

    518 Bringing Lenders Back to the Game: Harmonizing Access to Affordable Housing While Protecting Your Tax Dollars from Fraud Notes and Comments (PDF) Brandon Faus
     537 The Paradox of S.B. 1421: A New Tool to Shed Light on Police Misconduct and a Perverse Incentive to Cover It up Notes and Comments (PDF) Carina Miller
  8. Vol. 49, No. 2, Spring 2020


     189 On The Value of Teddy Bears and Barbie Dolls: The Place of Children's Transitional Objects in Family Law (PDF) Benjamin D. Garber & Dana E. Prescott
    215 Pornography as a Tool for Perpetuation of Gender Hierarchy: The United States as a Case Study (PDF) Limor Ezioni
    243 Attorney-Client Sexual Relationships in the #METOO Era: Understanding Current State Approaches and Working Towards a Better Rule (PDF) Casey W. Baker, J.D.
    271 The Changing Face of Warfare in the Hi-Tech World (PDF) Dr. Waseem Ahmad Qureshi
    309 The Harsh Reality of Rule 8(A)(2): Keeping the TWIQBAL Pleading Standard Plausible, Not Pliable (PDF) Kelsey Finn
    330 Funk Brothers, Myriad, & Products of Nature: How a Lack of Understanding Scientific Principles is Damaging the Patent System (PDF) Jared M. Graff


  9. Vol. 49, No. 1, Spring 2020


     1 The Precarious Position of the Fourth Estate in Trumptopia: The Role of Popular Culture and the Law in Protecting Media Freedom (PDF) Professor Taylor Simpson-Wood
    57 Thieves in the Night? Pre-deprivation Requirements for Removal of Homeless Persons' Property from Public Areas (PDF) Tim Donaldson
    93 The Agony & the Ecstasy of #MeToo: The Hidden Costs of Reliance on Carceral Politics (PDF) Guy Hamilton-Smith
    122 Burning Down the House? Ben Carson and U.S. Housing Policy (PDF) Brendan Williams
    144 I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now: Looking to the Objective Science in Evaluating Juveniles' (In)Competency. (PDF) Tina M. Robinson
    169 Updating the Law to Keep Pace with Newsfeeds and Online Victimization: The Need for Limited Access to Sex Offenders' Online Identifiers (PDF) Jaynee Mathis


  10. Vol. 48, No. 3, Fall 2019



    Table of Contents (PDF)

     457 Immigration in the Trump Era: Introduction (PDF) Beth Caldwell
    463 Judicial Review and the Immigration Laws Immigration in the Trump Era: Keynote (PDF) Kevin R. Johnson
    475 Trump's Immployment Law Agenda: Intensifying Employment-Based Enforcement and Un-Authorizing the Authorized Immigration in the Trump Era (PDF) Kati L. Griffith; Shannon Gleeson
    503 Sanctuary States Immigration in the Trump Era (PDF) Rose Cuison Villazor; Alma Godinez-Navarro
    525 Looking Ahead at Vagueness Claims in the Immigration Context Post-Dimaya Immigration in the Trump Era (PDF) Jennifer Lee Koh
    531 The Struggle for Equality: Women's Rights, Human Rights, and Asylum Protection Immigration in the Trump Era (PDF) Karen Musalo
    539 Some Preliminary Thoughts on Dimaya Immigration in the Trump Era (PDF) Gabriel Chin
    545 Rethinking the FTC's Role and Abilities in Protecting Consumer Data in the Wake of the Equifax Breach Notes and Comments (PDF) Giordan Roque
    571 Get Prepared for Class: The Case for Requiring Reasonable Ascertainability for Class Action Certification in the Ninth Circuit Notes and Comments (PDF) Gevork Gazaryan
    595 Injury from within: Toward an Unmodified Duty for Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress Notes and Comments (PDF) Xhesi Hysi


  11. Vol. 48, No. 2, Fall 2019


     199 Contextualizing Mindfulness: Foundations, Practice Guidance, And Cultural Implications (PDF) Diana Winston
    207 Self-Mastery: The Pathway To Peak Performance And Well-Being In The Law (PDF) Jarrett A. Green, Esq., M.A. & Rebecca A. Simon, Esq. 
    241 Can Mindfulness Help Law Students With Stress, Focus, And Well-Being? An Empirical Study Of 1Ls At A Midwestern Law School (PDF) Richard C. Reuben & Kennon M. Sheldon
    267 Mindful Engagement And Relational Lawyering (PDF) Susan L. Brooks
    295 Integrating Positive Psychology Into Legal Education (PDF) R. Lisle Baker
    329 Using Mindfulness Meditation To Foster Reflection In Externships (PDF) Alison Lintal
    343 Cultivating A 'Reflective Approach' To The Practice Of Law: The Use Of Meditation In Legal Education (PDF) Anthony Cullen
    351 Mindful Mediation (PDF) Brian A. Pappas
    367 The Virtue Of Vulnerability (PDF) Nathalie Martin
    381 Mindfulness As Resistance (PDF) Tim Iglesias
    401 Mindfulness In Legal Ethics And Professionalism (PDF) Peter H. Huang
    413 The Gilded Octagon: Unionization To Give Mixed Martial Artists A Fighting Chance Against The UFC's Coercive Contracts (PDF) Madelynn A. Hefner
    437 Protecting Our Genetic Code: Can Copyright Succeed Where Patents Have Failed? (PDF) William Dietz


  12. Vol. 48, No. 1, Spring 2019


     1 The Evidentiary Issue Crystalized By The Cosby and Weinstein Scandals: The Propriety Of Admitting Testimony About An Accused's Uncharged Misconduct Under The Doctrine Of Objective Chances To Prove Identity (PDF) Edward J. Imwinkelried
    37 Judicial Activism In The First Decade Of The Roberts Court: Six Activism Measures Applied (PDF) Warren S. Grimes
    81 Tribal (De)termination? Commercial Speech, Native American Imagery And Cultural Sovereignty (PDF) Jason Zenor
    105 "The State Is Not Omnipresent In The Home": Mandatory Firearm Ownership Laws And The Constitution (PDF) Nathaniel Ament-Stone
    133 The Political Advantage Of Medicare Advantage (PDF) Brendan Williams
    151 The Office Of Legal Counsel Juggernaut: No One Is Above The Law (PDF) Susan Frontiera
    173 Rapp Snitch Knishes: The Danger Of Using Gangster Rap Lyrics To Prove Defendants' Character (PDF) Luke Walls


  13. Vol. 47, No. 2, Spring 2018


    291 Keynote Address: Fake News, Weaponized Defamation and the First Amendment (PDF) Erwin Chemerinsky
    297 Fake News & Film: How Alternative Facts Influence the National Discourse (PDF) Jeremy Geltzer
    335 The Economics of Weaponized Defamation Lawsuits (PDF) David J. Acheson & Dr. Ansgar Wohlschlegel
    385 Responsible Communication and Protection of Public Participation: Assessing Canada's Newest Public Interest Speech Protections (PDF) Hilary Young
    417 Responding to "Fake News": Is There an Alternative to Law and Regulation? (PDF) David Goldberg
    449 Take the Gatekeepers to Court: How Marijuana Research Under a Biased Federal Monopoly Obstructs the Science-Based Path to Legalization (PDF) Jasen B. Talise
    471 State Standing: Watering Down Article III With Special Solicitude (PDF) Rosio Flores


  14. Vol. 47, No. 1, Fall 2017


    1 A Sign of Hope: Shifting Attitudes on Sex Offense Registration Laws (PDF) Catherine L. Carpenter
    2 Timeline of a Panic: A Brief History of Our Ongoing Sex Offense War (PDF) Emily Horowitz
    3 On Holy Ground: Church Sanctuary in the Trump Era (PDF) Valerie J. Munson
    4 Discriminating Gender: Legal, Medical, and Social Presumptions About Transgender and Intersex People (PDF) Janet Dolgin
    5 The American Aversion to Ties in Sport and Intercollegiate Wrestling's Labyrinthine Tiebreaker Rules (PDF) Ilhyung Lee
    6 When Social History Becomes a Constitution: The Bolivian Post-Liberal Experiment and the Central Role of History and Intent in Constitutional Adjudication (PDF) Jorge Farinacci-Fernós
    7 From Arlington to Tennessee: The Beginnings of a Chevron Deference Farewell Tour? (PDF) Carlos A. Hernandez
    8 The Need For Songwriters' Control: A Proposal to Prevent Unwanted Uses of Musical Compositions at Political Rallies (PDF) Taylor L. Condit
    9 Augmented Reality Incitement: How the Creator of Pokémon Go, and Those Who Follow, are Open to Tortious Liability (PDF) Jamison Tyler Gilmore
    10 Eradicating the Plague: Charging and Sentencing Domestic Violence Offenders Using Science, Not Tradition (PDF) Mina Elmasry
    11 What's Going on Hair?: Untangling Societal Misconceptions That Stop Braids, Twists, and Dreads From Receiving Deserved Title VII Protection (PDF) Venessa Simpson


  15. Vol. 46, No. 3, Spring 2017


    327 Keynote: The Modern Laws of War (PDF) General John R. Allen, USMC, (ret).
    337 A Matter of Policy: United States Application of the Law of Armed Conflict (PDF) Chris Jenks
    355 International Law Applies to Cyber Warfare! No What? (PDF) Gary D. Brown
    379 Command Responsibility in the Twenty-First Century: The United States Basic Framework and Future Military (and Quasi-Military) Operations (PDF) Joshua E. Kastenberg
    401 Accountability in the Colombian Peace Agreement: Are the Proposed Sanctions Contrary to Colombia's International Obligations? (PDF) Claudia Josi
    423 Reasonably Accommodating Employees with Mental Health Conditions by Putting Them Back to Work (PDF) Lauren Fierro
    445 Bullying Beyond the Schoolhouse Gate: How School Districts can Constitutionally Regulate Off-Campus Cyberspeech (PDF) Katrina V. Berroya
    469 Breaking News and Breaking the Law: Reining in California's Criminalization of Paparazzi and the Intent to Photograph (PDF) Emily A. Rehm
    489 More Bang for the Buck: "Freaks" and the Intimitate-Sex-For-Money License (PDF) Aron Hier


  16. Vol. 46, No. 2, Spring 2017


    217 Introduction (PDF)
    Evan J. Mandery
    219 Choosing Life: Reflections on the Movement to End Capital Punishment (PDF)
    Stephen Rohde
    253 Why the Death Penalty is Slowly Dying (PDF)
    Kenneth Williams
    275 Gregg at 40(PDF)
    Evan J. Mandery
    303 Capital Punishment is Constitutional, and a "Cruel and Unusual Punishment." Now. For Now. (PDF)
    Darren A. Reid


  17. Vol. 46, No. 1, Fall 2016


    Substantial Burdens in the Law
    R. George Wright (PDF)

    Can Constitutional Drafter See the Future? No, and It's Time We Stop Pretending They Can
    Andrew Friedman (PDF)

    Too Many Cooks Spoil the Cake, and Too Many Statutes Spoil the LLC: A Plea for Uniformity
    Carol Goforth (PDF)

    Notes and Comments

    Close The Homeopathic Loophole: Require Homeopathic Medications To Prove Their Effectiveness 
    Roy C. Manukyan (PDF)

    Inter Partes Review: Should Hedge Fund Managers Be Able to Profit From Challenging a Patent’s Validity?
    Sherron Wiggins (PDF)

    Copyright Owners Take on the World (Wide Web): A Proposal to Amend the DMCA Notice and Takedown Procedures    
    Megan Smallen (PDF)

    Competitive Advantage: The Actions ESPN Must Take in Order to Maintain a Leadership Position in the Wake of Cable Un-bundling    
    Matthew Edwards (PDF)

    Copyright 2016 Southwestern Law Review

  18. Vol. 45, No. 4, Spring 2016

    ClassCrits VIII
    Emerging Coalitions: Challenging the Structures of Inequality

    Wendy A. Bach & Lucy Jewel (PDF)

    Kim E. Clark (PDF)

    Developing a Pedagogy of Beneficiary Accountability int he Representation of Social Justice Non-Profit Organizations
    Amber Baylor & Daria Fisher Page (PDF)

    Bridging the Secular-Religious Divide with Assistance From The Buddha
    James G. Wilson (PDF)

    An Inquiry Into White Supremacy, Sovereignty, and the Law
    David P. Waggoner (PDF)

    Countering Neoliberalism and Aligning Solidarities: Rethinking Domestic Violence Advocacy
    Deborah M. Weissman (PDF)


    The "Romeo Juliet" Scenario in the Aftermath Johnson V. Superior Court
    Laura Arnold (PDF)

    Returning to Rutherford: A Call to California Courts to Rejoin the Legal Mainstream and Require Causation be Proved in Asbestos Cases Under Traditional Torts Principles
    Jason Litt, Emily Cuatto, & Jessica Di Palma (PDF)

     Copyright 2016 Southwestern Law Review

  19. Vol. 45, No. 3, Spring 2016


    453 Keynote Address (PDF)
    Lisa M. Schenck
    461 Throwaway Children: The Tragic Consequences of a False Narrative (PDF)
    Catherine L. Carpenter
    495 Two For One: The Ethical Pursuit of Justice in the Military, and Battlefield Success, Through Joint Prosecutorial Decisions (PDF)
    Rachel VanLandingham & Geoffrey Corn
    523 "Just the Facts, Ma'am": How Military Appellate Courts Rely on Factual Sufficiency Review to Overturn Sexual Assault Cases When Victims are "Incapacitated" (PDF)
    Lisa M. Schenck
    561 Fearing the Dark: The Use of Witchcraft to Control Human Trafficking Victims and Sustain Vulnerability (PDF)
    Luz. E. Nagle & Bolaji Owasanoye
    595 The Punishment of Islamic Sex Crimes in a Modern Legal System the Islamic Qanun of Aceh, Indonesia (PDF)
    Mark Cammack


    631 Mapping Inter-Organizational Boundary Bureaucracy and the Need for Oversight (PDF)
    Bobbi Jo Boyd
    719 State "Right to Try" Acts: A Good Start, But a Federal Act is Necessary (PDF)
    Ellen A. Black

    Notes and Comments

    756 Asteroidae Naturae: What it Takes to Capture an Asteroid (PDF)
    Michael Jensen

     Copyright 2016 Southwestern Law Review

  20. Vol. 45, No. 2, Spring 2016


    241 Beyond Preemption of Generic Drug Claims (PDF)
    Eric Lindenfeld & Jasper L. Tran
    257 Eye of the Beholder: The Wrongful Conviction of Charles Milles Manson (PDF)
    Carrie Leonetti
    333 Entertainers Beware - You May Have Less Insurance Coverage Than You Think (PDF)
    Edwin F. McPherson

    Notes and Comments

    351 Trustless Property Systems and Anarchy: How Trustless Transfer Technology Will Shape the Future of Property Exchange (PDF)
    Edward D. Baker
    379 "Hide and Go Seek" Information Policies at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Attaining Improved Public Disclosure Could Avert a Nuclear Catastrophe (PDF)
    Cassady S. Davidson
    407 Taking Biosimilars to the Next Level: Why Federalizing the Substitution of Biosimilars Promotes Innovation, Competition, and Patient Safety (PDF)
    Daniel Kadin
    437 Punitive Damages for Texting While Driving (PDF)
    Gregory Selarz

    Copyright 2016 Southwestern Law Review

  21. Vol. 45, No. 1, Spring 2016


    1 The U.S. Constitution as Icon: Re-Imagining the Sacred Secular in the Age of User-Controlled Media (PDF)
    Michael M. Epstein
    27 Legal Thinking, the Adversarial, Process and Exonerating Innocent Defendants: A Socio-Legal View of the Wrongful Conviction Process (PDF)
    Gary Kowaluk
    49 Metaphysical Univocity and the Immanent Frame: Defending Religious Liberty in a Secular Age? (PDF)
    Harry G. Hutchison

    Notes and Comments

    115 When the Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the Few: How Logic Clearly Dictates the First Amendment's Use as a Defense to Copyright Infringement Claims in Fan-Made Works (PDF)
    Melissa Anne Agnetti
    165 "The Taste of Any Public": How Intellectual Property Law Illuminates the Failings of the Miller Test (PDF)
    Lindsey M. Hay
    219 The State Secrets Privilege: Alternative Remedies in Cases of Torture Abroad (PDF)
    Ashley Scott

    Copyright 2016 Southwestern Law Review 

  22. Vol. 44, No. 4, Fall 2015


    621 From Precarity to Positive Freedom: Classcrits at Seven Classcrits VII Symposium Introduction (PDF)
    Angela P. Harris
    635 Framing Elite Consensus, Ideology and Theory & A Classcrits Response (PDF)
    Athena D. Mutua
    669 Community Planning, Sharing Law and the Creation of Intentional Communities: Promoting Alternative Economies and Economic Self-Sufficiency Among Low-Income Communities (PDF)
    Elizabeth L. Carter
    699 Precarious Existence and Capitalism: A Permanent State of Exception (PDF)
    Tayyab Mahmud
    727 Toward a More Perfect Union?: The Danger of Conflating Progress and Equality (PDF)
    Leo P. Martinez
    749 The Jurisprudence of White Supremacy: Inter Caetara, Johnson v. M'intosh and San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez (PDF)
    David P. Waggoner

    Copyright 2015 Southwestern Law Review

  23. Vol. 44, No. 3, Fall 2015


    Locking Up Females, Failing to Protect Them, and Punishing Their Children & Families 


    443 In Honor of Professor Myrna Raeder (PDF)
    Isabelle R. Gunning


    448 Margaret Brent Award Speech (PDF)
    Myrna Raeder 
    454 Unlocking Doors: Reflections on Myrna Raeder's Generativity and Generosity (PDF)
    Judith Resnik
    466 Forfeiture of Confrontation Rights and the Complicated Dynamics of Domestic Violence: Some Thoughts Inspired by Myrna Raeder (PDF)
    Aviva Orenstein
    484 Propensity Evidence in Cases of Woman Abuse: An Essay in Memory of Professor Myrna Raeder (PDF)
    Marina Angel 
    496 Honoring and Celebrating Myrna Raeder (PDF)
    Brett Dignam
    508 Ambiguous-Purpose Statements of Children and Other Victims of Abuse Under the Confrontation Clause (PDF)
    Paul F. Rothstein
    553 You Can't Run From the Police!: Developing a Feminist Criminology that Incorporates Black Transgender Women (PDF)
    Angela Irvine
    562 Locating the Criminal: Civil Sanctions, Sexual Abuse, and the American Family (PDF)
    Bela August Walker

    Notes and Comments

    599 Stop Punishing the Victim: Why California Should Reform its Current Prostitution Laws and Adopt the Swedish Approach to Combat Sex-Trafficking (PDF)
    Emma Lord

    Copyright 2015 Southwestern Law Review 

  24. Vol. 44, No. 2, Spring 2015

    Nancy Kim's Wrap Contracts Symposium

    Foreword (PDF)
    Robert A. Hillman
    215 Escaping Toxic Contracts: How We Have Lost the War on Assent in Wrap Contracts (PDF)
    Daniel D. Barnhizer
    231 Norm Shifting By Contract (PDF)
    Zev J. Eigen
    239 Against Contractual Authoritarianism (PDF)
    Shubha Ghosh
    251 Form & Substance in Nancy Kim's Wrap Contracts (PDF)
    Danielle Kie Hart
    265 Challenging the Law Online Southwestern Law Review Symposium on Nancy Kim's Wrap Contracts (PDF)
    Allyson Haynes Stuart
    275 Notice, Assent, and Form in a 140 Character World (PDF)
    Juliet M. Moringiello
    285 Wraps and Copyrights (PDF)
    Deborah Tussey
    297 Preserving Substantive Unconscionability (PDF)
    Dov Waisman
    309 The Wrap Contract Morass (PDF)
    Nancy S. Kim


    327 California Putative Spouses: The Innocent, The Guilty, and The Law (PDF)
    Helen Chang
    365 The Sharing Economy: How State and Local Governments are Failing and Why We Need Congress to Get Involved (PDF)
    Josh Krauss
    385 Facebook: The New Town Square (PDF)
    Trevor Puetz
    411 Cleaning House With Rule 41(B): An Empirical Study of the Multi-Factor Tests for Involuntary Dismissals (PDF)
    Almara Sepanian 

    Copyright 2015 Southwestern Law Review

  25. Vol. 44, No. 1, Spring 2015


    FDA Involvement in Off-Label Use: Debate Between Richard Epstein and Ryan Abbott (PDF)
    Richard Epstein & Ryan Abbott
    27 Title VII: Discriminatory Use of Test Scores Watchdog Evolution of the Regulation Over Employment Test Score Usage from 703(H) to 703(L) (PDF)
    Matthew E. Blakely

    Notes and Comments

    59 I'll Be Your Mirror: Broadening the Concept of Trademark Joint Ownership to Reflect the Developing Collaborative Economy (PDF)
    Matthew A. Alsberg
    97 It's Time to SLAPP Back: Why California's Anti-SLAPP Statute Should Not Apply in Federal Court (PDF)
    Caleb P. Lund
    127 Re-Think Your Ink: Tattoos and Tattooing as a Substantive Due Process Issue (PDF)
    Danielle S. Krauthamer
    149 Combatting Multiforum Shareholder Litigation: A Federal Acceptance of Forum Selection Bylaws (PDF)
    Robert Borowski
    175 Don't Sue Me, I Was Just Lawfully Texting & Drunk When My Autonomous Car Crashed Into You (PDF)
    Orly Ravid

    Copyright 2015 Southwestern Law Review