Cost of Attendance

Estimated Attendance Cost

The chart below is used to determine financial need and is designed to provide students with a modest but realistic standard of living; it reflects the average education-related costs of attending Southwestern. The rent amount for on-campus housing reflects an average of units available but actual costs will range above and below that figure based on the specific unit a student selects. All amounts are estimates and your actual expenses may vary.

Extra costs that students with disabilities may incur while pursuing legal studies are considered when determining financial need. Federal and state programs may provide additional resources.

If your living expenses exceed the average living expenses, you should consider completing the Budget Increase Application. This may allow you to increase your overall budget and change your financial aid eligibility.

2023-2024 Cost of Attendance
Southwestern Law School (Off-Campus)

Juris Doctor Day Part-Time SCALE
Tuition $58,392 $38,944 $82,032
Room & Board $22,104 $22,104 $29,472
Books & Supplies $1,800 $1,000 $2,800
Personal & Misc. $3,690 $3,690 $4,920
Transportation $3,870 $3,870 $5,400
Health Insurance $4,195 $4,195 $4,195
Loan Fees $2,080 $1,200 $2,670
Estimated Total Cost $96,131 $75,003 $131,489