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Image - ABA NHP Mediation Competition

March 18, 2020

NHP Team Wins the Silver at ABA Mediation Competition (Orange, CA)

Congratulations to Aaron Cohen, Kenny Lim, Jordan Bass, and Victory Van Tuyl on competing in the 2020 ABA Representation in Mediation Competition on February 29th to March 1st, 2020, at Chapman University Fowler School of Law. The Southwestern team of Jordan Bass and Victory Van Tuyl went on to ultimately win 2nd Place in the overall competition. Way to go, team!

"Competing at the ABA Mediation Regional Competition was, without question, one of the highlights of my law school experience. The amount we were able to grow and learn as negotiators was indescribable. Without the hard work of our coaches and unwavering support of our teammates, none of our success would have been possible."

- Jordan Bass, 3L

Image - Jordan and Victory at ABA Mediation Competition

The 2020 ABA Representation in Mediation Competition introduces law students to the challenges of representing clients in mediation.  This year's competition involved three different legal problems. In the first problem, the students defended a parent in a comparative negligence action. In the second problem, they advocated for an employee in a discrimination action. And last but not least, the students negotiated a dispute over a holographic will and the capacity of the testator. The various legal issues presented in the competition allowed the students to practice different approaches to solving legal disputes. The students were extraordinary advocates and represented each client with vigor and class. 

Professor Cristina Knolton, who coached the team with her husband Derek Knolton, commended the team on their strong performance. 

"Their final round was one of the best I have seen in all my years of coaching. They were brilliant, creative, and advocated for their client against a very unique and interesting team. The opposing team, Arizona State, brought out the very best in Jordan and Victory, and I could not be more proud of how they performed. Jordan and Victory - you made us all so proud and represented Southwestern so well!" 

Please join us in congratulating all four students and their coaches for their incredible work! Thank you to the Negotiation Honors Program, their faculty directors, and coaches for their support. Special thanks to Amanda Figueroa, Ally Davidson, and Derek Knolton for helping this team prepare! 

Image - NHP ABA Mediation Competition Team