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Image - PILC Feature Friday Children and Family Law

September 6, 2019

Meet our 2019 PILC Grant Recipients Working in Children & Family Law

The Public Interest Law Committee (PILC) is a student-run organization that encourages public interest involvement and sponsors events such as the annual Party Books, Live Auction, Trivia Bowl, and etc to raise grant money for public interest students.

We want to recognize those students and the incredible work they are doing with their Public Interest Law Committee Summer Grant. Introducing our 2019 PILC Grant recipients working in Children & Family law:

Brianna Abrego, 3L

Summer Placement: Kids in Need of Defense

Image - Brianna Abrego"I am passionate about public interest work because there are so many different communities here in Los Angeles or even globally that really need someone in their corner but cannot afford it. I feel that our help is even more important working with unaccompanied minors because we are working with kids that have typically grown up without ANY support. We want to help them maintain the support they have found here in the United States."

Kristina Charles, 4L

Summer Placement: Children's Law Center 

Image - Kristina Charles"I want to make sure that my work has a positive impact on individuals and on my community. I have a special place for children in my heart, so that is the population I choose to work with. I advocate solely for the minor and work to ensure that the minor is both heard in court and receives the services she/he needs while in the system." 

Haley Pollock, 2L

Summer Placement: Levitt & Quinn Family Law Center

Image - Haley Pollock"I am passionate about securing economic and social freedom as an advocate, focusing on helping people who identify as female and/or non-binary in addition to victims of domestic abuse. These issues have greatly impacted my family and I want to ensure I can empower others to make and plan the best futures for themselves."

Milena Reyes, 2L

Summer Placement: Los Angeles Dependency Lawyers

Image - Milena Reyes"Everyone deserves a right to legal representation regardless of their socioeconomic status. I worked for the Los Angeles Dependency Lawyers (LADL) and helped them advocate for a parent's right to be with their children. While the majority of the population is low income, there are families who are wealthier and yet the issues they face are the same. Working for LADL allowed me to work with attorneys who advocate and guide their clients equally no matter what their client's income is, in order to try and preserve their family."

Alexander Banner, 3L

Summer Placement: Children's Law Center

Image - Alexander Banner"Interning at the Children's Law Center allowed me to see how complex the housing issues are for younger people, and how this impacts on their lives, their education, and their ability to achieve their life ambitions. The challenge is to try to ensure they do not fall through the cracks. CLC lawyers advocate for their young clients to receive the services they need to have the best possible childhood and transition to adulthood."

PILC Grants are available for continuing students who work in public interest during the summer. Applications are due in March. Awards up to $5,000. Email publicservice@swlaw.edu for more information.