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August 31, 2019

Upcoming Bison Strong Activities and Events

Here at Southwestern, we are constantly working on ways to improve and enhance your law school experience. That's why we developed Bison Strong!

Bison Strong is a series of activities and events to support the well-being of the Southwestern community. 

Here are some exciting #BisonStrong activities and events to look forward to: 

September 2019

  • SBA make-your-own-salad bar
  • September 25 - Flu Shot Clinic
  • September 26 - Blood Drive

October 2019

  • October 8 - Lita Abella guest speaker event from the State Bar Lawyer Assistance Program
  • October 10- National Mental Health Day for Law Schools
  • October 16 - Flu Shot Clinic 

November 2019

  • November 1 to 26 - Fitness Center Challenge

December 2019

  • Free study supplies and snacks
  • Final exam care packages distributed in Library
  • Library “take a mental break” area

*This list is a work in progress and will continue to grow, so be sure to check back for updates!

Image - Bison Strong Flyer