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Image - Southwestern ALSA Pro Bono Expungement Clinic

February 28, 2018

Southwestern’s Armenian Law Students Association Pro Bono Expungement Clinic A Huge Success!

Earlier this February, Southwestern's Armenian Law Students Association, in partnership with the Armenian Bar Association and the National Armenian Law Students Association, organized and held a very successful pro bono expungement clinic. Named, “New Beginnings: A Guide to Clearing Criminal Records,” the clinic was established to help those who are stigmatized by their old and encumbering criminal records and to give them a fresh start. 11 Southwestern students volunteered and devoted their Saturday to assisting members of the Glendale community in completing petitions to expunge their criminal record of low level misdemeanor charges. The clinic was able to effectively reach the local Armenian community by providing bilingual staff in a less-intimidating setting.

Saro K. Kerkonian, Chairman of the Armenian Bar Association, had nothing but words of praise for our Southwestern student volunteers. He recognized their contribution to the success of the clinic and thanked the student volunteers for a job well done! In particular, Mr. Kerkonian wanted to acknowledge the efforts of Brigitte Malatjalian, president of Southwestern’s Armenian Law Students Association, for recruiting volunteers and orchestrating the project to ensure the smooth operation of the clinic.

"I am so proud that within those two weeks, Brigitte, essentially, created a fully-operational law office..." 

- Saro K. Kerkonian


Southwestern Volunteers at Expungement Clinic


Brigitte Malatjalian says, "I am humbled by the opportunity to work with the Armenian Bar Association and members of the Armenian Law Students Association of Southwestern. The establishment of this clinic has been a life changing experience, both for the clients and the volunteers. The insurmountable amount of support from the Southwestern and Armenian community is invaluable. As a result of our determination, we successfully completed over 30 petitions and applications - affecting the lives of 12 well-deserving clients.”

Shout out to the Southwestern student volunteers who made this all happen: 

  1. Brigitte Malatjalian
  2. Sara Bagdasaryan
  3. Nina Minassian
  4. Matilda Barseghian
  5. Michael Guloyan 
  6. Chizitere Nhadi
  7. Brianna Abrego
  8. Syrita Morgan
  9. Tish Pickett
  10. Sarkis Manukyan 
  11. Marissa Fernandez

Congratulations on a job well done! Thank you for being examples of leadership in the community and for demonstrating our Bison spirit!