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February 14, 2018

Southwestern Sets the Record Straight by Correcting Some Common Misconceptions About Its SCALE 2-Year Program

By: H.S. Hart - Busting SCALE Myths Series
(First posted in Spring 2018)

When people first learn about Southwestern's two-year accelerated J.D. program they sometimes jump to conclusions.  As the program's Dean, Harriet Rolnick, says, "We have given this a lot of thought.  We have been doing this successfully for over 40 years."  Still, not everyone can get their head around the two-year law degree concept right away.  

In a series of short articles, I am going to de-bunk and de-mystify four of the most frequently asked questions and misconceptions regarding this innovative and unique program.


  1. Two years isn't long enough to learn what I need to learn to get my degree, pass the bar, and be practice-ready
  2. It is harder to get accepted to the SCALE program than other Southwestern J.D. Programs
  3. SCALE students miss out on externships, honor programs, and campus life
  4. SCALE is an abridged program and doesn't cover all of the core legal concepts

ALL OF THESE ARE FALSE.  Click on them to bust the myth and get the facts!