Facilities Usage Policies

Publications Facilities Usage Request Form

Publication Facilities Usage Request Form


To request a room, complete the Facilities Usage Request Form (PDF).


Southwestern is a year round academic institution; event requests will be evaluated for the impact on the students and law school. Ideal times to schedule events are during Spring Break and Summer session. Events cannot be scheduled during sensitive times of the academic year including, but not limited to, the exam periods in May, July, and December.


The user must provide a $1,000,000.00 personal liability and property insurance policy naming Southwestern  Law School as the additional insured for the date(s) of the event. An insurance binder for this event can be obtained through the user's own insurance company. The user must also provide evidence of workers' compensation insurance, if applicable, as required by the State of California. All proof of policy coverage must be provided at the time that full payment is made.


Tour requests will be considered based on the size and needs of the group as well as the impact on the students, school activities on campus, and availability of tour leaders.


Only Southwestern's caterer is approved to provide catering services for events. Further information regarding catering services will be provided upon approval of the event.


Limited tables and chairs may be available for event use. Southwestern may provide, within its limits, tables and chairs for the event. China, glassware, linens and other dining or meeting necessities will be provided by the user. Southwestern's caterer can make arrangements for the rental of these items. Audio-visual equipment is available for a fee.


All invitations, advertising, and any other marketing material related to the event must be approved by Southwestern. All materials must clearly identify the location as "Southwestern Law School." Artwork of the exterior of the building is available, for a fee, for such materials. Information pertaining to the former Bullocks Wilshire building and Southwestern is available on this website.


While Southwestern does not encourage the use of alcohol at private functions involving school facilities, permission may be granted for the reasonable and lawful consumption of such beverages. Approval is based upon the time of the event as well as the other school related activities on campus occurring concurrently with the event. The event sponsor must agree to assume full responsibility in accordance with the laws of the State of California. The event sponsor must also complete a Policy on Alcohol agreement upon approval of the event.


Southwestern reserves the right to restrict music at events based upon the scheduled date, time, and location of the event.


If event attendance is expected, within reason, to exceed the legal capacity of the room(s), Southwestern may be able to arrange for a fire marshal for onsite event monitoring at an additional cost to the user.


The facilities are accessible by wheelchair and handicap parking is available.


All deliveries are to be made the day of the event, while the user is present, using the service delivery entrance off of Westmoreland Avenue closest to Wilshire Boulevard. A complete list of all companies and individuals making deliveries must be submitted to Southwestern a minimum of one (1) week prior to the event. Special arrangements are required to protect building surfaces and elevators when furniture and other items are moved into, out of, or around the interior of the facility. All items must be picked up within 24 hours following the event. Southwestern does not assume responsibility for any rentals or equipment left overnight or unattended after delivery or before pick-up.


  • It is imperative when completing the Facilities Usage Request that the timing of the event be listed accurately including set-up and clean-up times.
  • All facilities used must be left clean. 
  • All decorations must be removed immediately following the event.
  • The user must leave the facilities as they were found. The user is responsible for the installation and removal of any furniture or equipment other than that belonging to Southwestern.


  • Southwestern reserves the right to reassess usage of facilities at any time based on city, state, or federal laws, ordinance, rules, and regulations.
  • Southwestern reserves the right to cancel an event at any time if any part of its facilities is destroyed or damaged by fire or any other cause, or if any other casualty or unforeseen occurrence takes place.
  • The user is not permitted to tape, glue, hang, or post anything on any existing walls of the facilities.
  • Candles and open flames are not permitted.
  • Any damages to the facilities are the responsibility of the user. 
  • Smoking is not permitted inside the facilities.