6/29/21 - Southwestern's COVID-19 Vaccination Policy - JULY 2 DEADLINE


Check your email for a June 21, 2021, message from Vice Dean Gharakhanian for links to the below-referenced forms.

Dear Southwestern Students,

Thanks to the more than 750 of you who have submitted a proof of vaccination or completed an exemption request form.  We sincerely appreciate your responses.

This is a final reminder for continuing students (rising 2Ls, 3Ls, or 4Ls) that the deadline for submitting these forms is this Friday, July 2, at 12 pm PDT.  Entering students have until Friday, July 23, at 12 pm PDT.   If you have not already done so, please submit your form as soon as possible.

Students who do not timely submit either a proof of vaccination form or an exemption request will not be permitted to register for or attend fall 2021 courses at Southwestern (including courses in SCALE Periods 2 and 5).  The links to the forms can be found in my June 21 email. 

Any student who is granted an exemption will be required—as a condition of coming to campus—to wear a mask at all times when present on campus, to undergo frequent (at least weekly) COVID testing at an off-site facility designated by Southwestern, to have tested negative for COVID at the most recent test undergone, and to take any other actions directed by Southwestern in the interests of the health and safety of its community.

As always, thanks for your help in keeping our community safe.


Dean Susan Prager, Vice Dean Anahid Gharakhanian, & Vice Dean Dov Waisman