Letter to Alumni

 Image - Professor Alan Calnan

Dear Alum,

It is with great sorrow that I write to inform you that Professor Alan Calnan passed away unexpectedly Monday morning, April 20, 2020.

In the words of Dean Susan Prager, “Though he had been teaching Southwestern students for 30 years, Alan Calnan always seemed, and was, young and vibrant. He lived and breathed torts. He was an accomplished, well-cited scholar and, as many of you know so well, he was a pathbreaking, creative teacher, one who encouraged his colleagues to see technology as opening new avenues for effective teaching. Many of you were pioneers with him in the classroom."

“At the Southwestern Law Review’s request, Professor Calnan in close collaboration with his friend and colleague Professor Byron Stier and students, put together one of the most extraordinary symposium days that I have ever experienced. It was the inaugural public event for the Panish Civil Justice Program. That was just weeks ago. I will always remember him as he was that day beaming with pride and excitement. But that is actually the way Alan Calnan always seemed, exuding energy and enthusiasm. The written issue from the conference was destined to be one of the most significant in the history of our law review, and it now takes on added significance for Southwestern.” 

Alan is survived by his wife, Southwestern alumna Marcy Calnan. If you would like to send a condolence, please reply to this email or send one to my attention at Southwestern’s address below. Marcy has requested that in lieu of flowers, she would like those interested in making a gift in Alan’s memory to make a donation to the Panish Civil Justice Program. She emphasized how Southwestern — and his teaching and scholarship with us at Southwestern — were so important to Alan’s life.

You should know that Alan’s passing was not related to the pandemic. I join with you in shock and grief. Thank you in advance for your thoughts and condolences. 

Debbie Leathers

Associate Dean, Institutional Advancement

Image - Professor Calnan at conference

*Professor Calnan's memorial page to be posted soon. Please check back for updates.