Joseph A. Trigilio

Adjunct Professor of Law | Executive Director, Loyola’s Project for the Innocent

B.A., magna cum laude, Political Science, St. Mary’s University, 2003

J.D., magna cum laude, University of San Francisco School of Law, 2006

Joined Southwestern: 2021

Professsor Joe Trigilio is the executive director of Loyola Law School’s Project for the Innocent (LPI), a clinic that represents wrongfully-convicted inmates in postconviction proceedings. Prior to joining LPI, Professor Trigilio was a Supervising Deputy Federal Public Defender in that office’s Capital Habeas Unit, where he represented inmates in their federal habeas corpus and post-conviction proceedings. Professor Trigilio began his career as a staff attorney at the Habeas Corpus Resource Center in San Francisco, where he represented death-sentenced inmates in their state postconviction proceedings. He came to California from San Antonio, Texas, where his exposure to the death penalty led him to a career as a capital habeas attorney.