Jared Jussim

Adjunct Professor of Law / Former Executive Vice President, Intellectual Property Department and Deputy General Counsel of Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.


B.A., City University of New York - City College
LL.B., Harvard Law School;

Member, California, Michigan and New York State Bars

Joined Southwestern: 2010

Career Highlights

Jared Jussim served as Executive Vice President, Intellectual Property Department and Deputy General Counsel of Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. until October 2011. Subsequently, he served as consultant to that  company as well as other companies in the entertainment industry. Jared had been with Sony Pictures (or its predecessors – Columbia Pictures and Screen Gems) in excess of 40 years. Through years of perfecting his behind the scenes work, Jared was given his chance to shine on the big screen making an appearance in the romantic sports drama, Jerry McGuire. Jared portrayed Dicky Fox, a prominent sports agent, where he bestowed his secrets to success to the audience. After his 15 minutes of fame, Jared still prides himself in sharing his secrets by influencing his students and giving them to keys to succeed.

"Work, work, never shirk" "Busy fingers are happy fingers" and  "Idle hands lead to the Devil's workplace"

Jared is a member of the California and New York bars and is admitted in Michigan (inactive).  Previously, he was associated with the New York law firms of Feldesman & D’Atri  (corporate practice and mergers and acquisitions) and Rein, Mound and Cotton (litigation), and was employed by The New York Central Railroad Company, where his responsibilities included corporate practice, securities regulation and real estate. Jared in addition to his military service (US Army-Infantry), served as a civilian attorney with the Defense Department (Procurement).

Jared specializes in copyright, trademarks, privacy and publicity rights, defamation, freedom of speech and expression, and governmental affairs (federal, state, local and international).  His experience at Sony Pictures is extensive involving all aspects production, acquisition and distribution of theatrical motion pictures and television programs, and the protection of  content. It also includes mergers and acquisitions, bank financing, real estate, corporate practice and securities regulation, trademark law, broadcasting, Federal Communications Commission practice, music (publishing and phonograph recordings), merchandising for motion pictures and television programs,  and ensuring compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the Adam Walsh Child Protection Act and immigration requirements.

We leave you with one last key to success from Jared Jussim.

"Don't trust anybody; regardless of race, color, creed,  national origin, sex, age, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, or whether or not they served in Viet-Nam".