Women & the Law Seminar



This seminar explores concrete legal problems of particular and current concern to women.

Among the areas potentially covered by the seminar paper and weekly readings are:

  • women in the legal profession; women in the workplace;
  • women athletes and women as students;
  • work/family conflicts; domestic violence, rape, and other violence against women;
  • sexual discrimination and harassment;
  • divorce and child custody;
  • abortion and other regulation of biological reproduction;
  • rights of minors as a matter of gender, prostitution and pornography, prosecution of women who commit crimes, especially women who kill domestic partners or who abuse or neglect their children;
  • prosecution of women who abuse drugs or alcohol while pregnant;
  • treatment of women in the military, treatment of women in international law; and,
  • treatment of women as women, versus women as lesbians or women as part of a particular racial, cultural, or religious grouping.