Law Review: Staff


This course introduces Southwestern Law Review staff members to the basic elements of legal scholarship, with the goal of completing research papers of publishable quality. Subjects will include selecting a topic, learning the principles of scholarly writing ethics, organizing scholarly research papers, learning effective research methods, and practicing effective writing and editing techniques.

Course objectives include the following: by the end of the course each student should have learned how to select a topic, engaged in comprehensive research on that topic, learned how to organize the paper effectively, and practiced effective writing and editing techniques.

In addition, each student should have become familiar with academic ethics, including providing proper attribution and avoiding plagiarism. These goals will be assessed through multiple interim assessments, including memos, outlines, and drafts, each of which will be reviewed by faculty.

Note: Participation on Law Review is by invitation only. Students who have been selected to participate on Southwestern's Law Review must register for their Law Review credits via Student Action Report (SAR) in the Registration Office (W102).

Course units vary. For details regarding Law Review, please visit the Law Review web page