Amateur Sports Law



This course focuses on the legal and institutional regulation of high school, collegiate, and Olympic sports, as well as the business transactions that are rightfully an integral part of those sports. The course also covers health, safety, and risk management issues in these amateur sports.

Students successfully completing this course will understand:

  1. how college, high school, and Olympic sports are regulated by the United States legal system as well as health, safety, and risk management legal issues in sports;
  2. the different internal processes for regulating college, high school, and Olympic sports within the United States;
  3. how various areas of American public law, particularly antitrust and federal constitutional law, influence and constrain the internal regulatory authority of college and high school sports governing bodies and educational institutions; and,
  4. the international legal environment applicable to the regulation of Olympic sports.

Students are also introduced to the policy issues affecting the legal regulation of amateur sports and instructed on how to resolve legal problems from both a theoretical and a practical perspective.