Image - Luis Virgen 3L

May 6, 2020

A Double Dose of Good News from 3L Luis Virgen

Congratulations to 3L Luis Virgen! He is finishing up his last year at Southwestern strong, with a DOUBLE dose of good news. He was recently named a California ChangeLawyers Scholarship recipient, AND he's getting an article published by the California Lawyers Association! 

California ChangeLawyers, formerly known as the California Bar Foundation, is a statewide foundation that empowers the next generation of lawyers, judges, and activists. To this date, the foundation has awarded $435,000 in scholarships to support diverse law students in their pursuit of higher education and a legal career. Their mission is to build a better justice system for all Californians.

Luis was selected as a scholarship recipient in recognition of his dedication to public service and making an impact on social justice. Last summer, as a John J. Curtin, Jr. Fellow, he worked with the Public Counsel's Homelessness Prevention Law Project to assist individuals at high risk of becoming chronically homeless. He also participated in the inaugural class of Southwestern's Removal Defense Clinic, helping to represent low-income immigrants in removal proceedings under the supervision of Professors Vázquez and Khommarath. In 2019, Luis became one of 25 students awarded the prestigious Mexican American Bar Foundation Scholarship. 

And that's not all! Luis's article, "The Straight Jacket on Federal Employees' Right to Strike," was recently published by the California Lawyers Association. His article was selected as the runner-up in the CLA 2019 Student Writing Competition of the Public Law Section. It breaks down the reasons why Federal employees are prohibited from striking and why it is unfounded and should change. Read his full article here

"I want to thank all the exceptional professors and colleagues who took the time to help build my career. I hope to give back someday, not only to those who have helped me but to all communities in need of assistance." 

- Luis Virgen, 3L

Way to make Southwestern proud, Luis! Congratulations on all your achievements!