Externship: Ventura County Public Defender's Office



The Ventura County Public Defender's Office and Southwestern's Year-Long Externship is an opportunity for Southwestern students to work in the delinquency division of the Public Defender's Office and receive specialized training in and assisting with the representation of juveniles.

Work involves one or more of the following: initial client interviews, case evaluation and assessment, research and writing, appearances before the juvenile court, subpoena preparation, and writing and arguing (if certified) motions to expunge clients' prior convictions.

Externs may also help facilitate delivery of wrap-around or holistic services for juvenile clients.

Students will be required to complete a monthly reporting form, which will become part of their volunteer history with the Public Defender's Office, and will also be offered and expected to attend free, periodic Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) training sessions.