Externship: BEMLI



The BEMLI Externship enables select students to return to an entertainment firm or company for a repeat externship or a second entertainment practicum, upon approval of the Director of the Biederman Institute.

The course requirements are identical to any other externship or practicum, including, among other requirements, submitting periodic guided reflections, attending a group meeting with the faculty advisor, and in some cases submitting a paper at the conclusion of the externship. Students are also required to complete a minimum number of fieldwork hours per unit of credit and to submit timesheets documenting those hours.

The general presumption remains that students take no more than two externships and an entertainment practicum. Accordingly, a BEMLI Externship will only be available to a limited number of students, based on the entertainment director's discretion and only when the placement will provide substantial, new educational experiences that could not be obtained in another way.

The director will consider whether the placement is a good fit for the students and the degree of supervision and mentoring the student will receive. The director will also consider whether the student has the legal, professional, interpersonal, and intellectual skills for a productive repeat externship or practicum experience in the particular placement. In making this determination, the law school transcript may be examined. Additionally, an interview with the student, input from faculty, and performance in other externships and/or co-curricular and extra-curricular activities may be considered. The field placement is complemented by an academic component, including several class meetings on campus and/or via videoconferencing.

For specific details, please see the Externship Office staff and course syllabus.