Faculty Support


Tel: 213-738-6837
Email: facultysupport@swlaw.edu

Faculty Support Services provides administrative, technical, and clerical support to members of Southwestern faculty, deans, and students. Responsibilities of the office include preparing printed and electronic course readers from a variety of sources including legal codes and online resources, and overseeing print shop/mail room services. The office also performs document processing and formatting, and other clerical support needed by members of the faculty, such as compiling curriculum materials, reports, publications, presentations, and other items. In addition, the office is responsible for grading multiple-choice exams, administering hard copy and electronic Take Home exams, and coordinating and maintaining course evaluations, attendance sheets, and seating charts. The Past Exams and First Reading Assignments, Syllabi, and Course Materials pages on the student portal are maintained by Faculty Support Services, as well as faculty mailboxes and the faculty lounge.