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2024 APALSA Board Collage

May 30, 2024

Introducing our 2024 Asian Pacific American Law Student Association Board Members

We are thrilled to introduce the following group of students as the next generation of innovators and leaders helming our Asian Pacific American Law Student Association.

Southwestern APALSA is dedicated to advancing the academic, professional, and social interests of all past, present, and future members by addressing issues impacting the AAPI legal community.

Mikaela AlmedaCo-President - Mikaela Almeda

Year: Rising 4L, Part Time Day
Future Aspiration: Family or Dependency Law
Activities: Co-President of Family and Dependency Law Society, TA for Professor Boso, BarBri Student Ambassador, Fitness Center Assistant / In my free time, I love to play video games!
Favorite Asian Restaurant Near Campus: BCD Tofu House
Fun Fact: I collect Sonny Angels and Pokemon cards!
Asian Role Models: My parents and my big brother


Tiffany Wen headshotCo-President - Tiffany Y. Wen

Year: Rising 3L, Traditional Day
Future Aspiration: Criminal Law/Government
Activities: Preliminary Rounds Chair – Moot Court Board of Governors, Teaching Assistant for Professor Thompson-Bell and Hart
Favorite Asian Restaurant Near Campus: LeeGa – they have oyster Kimchi as a banchan!
Fun Fact: I own two guinea pigs, Nougat and Sunny
Asian Role Model: My mom


Bailey Kurahashi headshotCo-Vice President - Bailey Kurahashi

Year: 3L, Traditional Day
Future Aspiration: Litigation (Personal Injury) or District Attorney
Activities: APALSA, Sports Law Society
Favorite Asian Restaurant Near Campus: Moodaepo or Chi Chi
Fun Fact: I love true crime documentaries.
Asian Role Model: Shohei Ohtani



Kyle Vuong headshotCo-Vice President - Kyle Vuong

Year: Rising 3L
Future Aspiration: My passion is to become an environmental attorney and save the planet one tree at a time
Favorite Asian Restaurant Near Campus: Roll Call
Asian Role Models: Colin Zwagerman, Keanu Reeves




Lauren Laborde headshotTreasurer - Lauren Laborde

Year: 2L
Future Aspiration: I want to work in the LA Public Defender’s Office
Activities: Mass Incarceration Awareness Law Student Association, Impact Law Student Association, National Lawyer’s Guild, and outside of school: swimming, crocheting, riding my bike
Fun Fact: I have over 100 nail polishes
Asian Role Model: Yuri Kochiyama


Donovan Dragon headshotSecretary - Donovan Dragon

Year: 2L
Future Aspiration: Patent or Entertainment Law
Favorite Asian Restaurant Near Campus: Dan Sung Sa or Liu's Cafe
Fun Fact: I used to be a professional Samoan Fire Knife dancer
Asian Role Model: Manny Pacquiao




Laurence Carroll Brahm headshotCo-Communications Chair - Laurence Carroll Brahm 龙小龙

Year: 2L
Future Aspiration: Entertainment Executive
Activities: Soccer, Dance, Music, Film Production
Favorite Asian Restaurant Near Campus: Poke Mole
Fun Fact: I was born and raised in Beijing, China, and moved to LA in 2022 to finish my Bachelor's in Film Production
Asian Role Model: Jackie Chan



Ghyun Kim headshotCo-Communications Chair - Ghyun Kim

Future Aspiration: Currently debating what law to practice in, but I want to become someone my parents can brag to their friends to
Activities: APALSA
Favorite Asian Restaurant Near Campus: Lee Ga (I love their galbi-tang)
Fun Fact: I love watching Korean dramas! My fave is "Defendant."
Asian Role Models: My parents. I wish I had half of the work ethic they do.


Laura Kato headshotCo-Professional Development Chair - Laura Kato

Year: Rising 2L
Future Aspiration: To become a Deputy District Attorney to help victims get justice
Activities: LADA intern, Criminal Law Society
Favorite Asian Restaurant Near Campus: Takeout Sushi and Roll
Fun Fact: I can drink boba every day and not get tired of it.
Asian Role Model: My dad


Julianna Montano headshotCo-Professional Development Chair - Julianna Montano

Future Aspiration: In-house GC at an AI Company or an entrepreneur!
Activities: APALSA, TAHP, Students for Technology Law and Entrepreneurship, Artificial Intelligence Los Angeles
Favorite Asian Restaurant Near Campus: The Park's Finest
Fun Fact: I have only one other sibling, and he is 21 years younger than me!
Asian Role Model: Jensen Huang or Celine Song


Isabel Kasch headshotAcademic Chair - Isabel Kasch

Year: 2L
Future Aspiration: Intellectual Property/Patent Attorney
Activities: Deans Fellow, Teaching Assistant for Contracts (Dani Hart), APALSA, WLA, Judicial Extern at the CA Court of Appeal, and SCCLA Student Representative
Favorite Asian Restaurant Near Campus: Liu’s Café
Fun Fact: I want to live on a farm one day.
Asian Role Model: Professor Connie Lew-Corbridge



Placeholder image of illustration of BW building tower Diversity and Inclusion Chair - Nairurth Borath

Year: Rising 2L, Traditional Day
Future Aspiration: Travel the world
Activities: Judicial Extern at the United States Bankruptcy Court; APALSA; First-Generation Law Student Association
Favorite Asian Restaurant Near Campus: LeeGa or Biriyani Kabob House
Fun Fact: I like trying new foods.
Asian Role Model: Padma Lakshmi