6/15/21 - Masks and Distancing on Campus


Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students,

Earlier today, the public health departments of our state and county updated their COVID-19 health orders. The orders removed capacity and distancing requirements for most businesses and repealed most mask rules for vaccinated people.

Under the current rules set by the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal/OSHA), all employees (vaccinated and unvaccinated) are still required to wear masks while indoors and remain distanced while at work. These rules continue to apply to Southwestern Law School.

Once Cal/OSHA issues new rules, Southwestern will work to align its policy related to masking and distancing for all community members. Until a new campus policy is issued, all community members (faculty, staff, students, contractors, and vendors) and visitors must continue wearing masks and remaining socially distanced while on the Southwestern campus. Gaiters, vented masks, and bandanas are not allowed, and masks must always cover the mouth and nose.

In addition, all faculty and staff members that wish to visit the Southwestern campus must continue to send requests to our COVID Compliance Manager, Vivien Lewis, by sending an email to covidmanager@swlaw.edu.

Students who would like to schedule time in the library should also continue to use the library's online reservation system.

You should not come to campus if sick, have tested positive for Covid-19, or if you are exposed to a person who has Covid-19. If you test positive for Covid-19, within 14 days of being on campus, please report the positive test to covidmanager@swlaw.edu.

Thank you for your continued support in keeping our community safe.

Warm Regards,


Michael Carter, Ed.D.

Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer