Part-Time Day (PLEAS) or Evening J.D./M.B.A.

Degree Requirements

Law students with extensive management experience (a minimum of five years of senior-level management experience)Southwestern students who pursue the J.D./M.B.A. degree can apply 16 units earned at Southwestern to the 60 units required for the M.B.A. They will complete the additional 44 units at Drucker and should be able to complete both degrees within 4 to 4 1/2 years. Law students will also be able to apply 16 of the units earned at Drucker toward the 87 units required for the J.D. degree, leaving 71 units to be completed at Southwestern.

Students who wish to earn the 48-unit Executive M.B.A. (E.M.B.A.) degree will be able to apply 10 units from their Southwestern courses, leaving 38 units to be completed at Drucker.

Academic Details

Students entering Southwestern or Drucker will spend the first year at Southwestern, taking the 1L coursework. During the second year in the program, students will generally attend Drucker full-time (16 or more units), taking the core M.B.A. coursework. The curriculum in the third and subsequent years will include the remaining required courses and electives for both degrees as necessary. As part of the M.B.A. coursework, students may use their elective options to pursue a concentration in finance, strategy, leadership, global management, marketing or nonprofit management, or simply take other electives as their interests dictate.

The Practice of Management and Strategy, Leadership and Global Management track may be completed in two semesters (Fall and Spring), but students will have to take a full-load of courses (over 16 units per semester). The Marketing and Finance track may be completed in three semesters (Fall, Spring, Fall). Students in this track will need to return the following Fall to complete their required coursework. Students in the E.M.B.A. will have a variable schedule dependent on their professional goals. Students in the part-time programs will take a maximum of 8 units per semester.

Drucker students pursuing a J.D. at Southwestern may also choose a curricular concentration such as entertainment, international, business or public interest law at the law school.


Southwestern and The Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management have joined forces to create a concurrent-degree opportunity available for students on the Part-Time Day (PLEAS) or Evening program. This degree can be earned in 4.5 years.