Law in Context & Practice



This course introduces LL.M. students to a variety of practice areas in the law by facilitating their attendance and engagement in lectures given by visiting speakers at Southwestern and in L.A.

It also gives LL.M. students the opportunity to engage more deeply with one area of practice through the completion of a final paper.

Students are required to write their final paper on the legal profession in a particular practice area in which a lecture has been given. As such, they will be required to contact and interview practicing attorney(s) and scholar(s) in their chosen field.

Through the lectures, writing assignments, and the interview process, this course aims to provide international LL.M. students with an opportunity to engage with the nature of legal practice in an in-depth manner, and more broadly, to contribute to their understanding of U.S. legal culture.

Note: Only students who are members of Southwestern's LL.M. programs are eligible for this course. The course is intended for students who received their J.D. degree from a law school outside of the United States, and registration is by invitation only.