Externship: CARECEN



The CARECEN and Southwestern Law School Year-Long Externship Program is a unique opportunity for Southwestern law students.

This program is a year long commitment. Students must register for 2 units of externship credit each semester for a total of four (4) units (Credit/No Credit) and must perform a minimum of 130 hours of fieldwork per semester.  Each year, four law students will be selected to participate.

Enrollment in the CARECEN and Southwestern Law School Year-Long Externship Program is limited to students in good academic standing who have completed their first year of study. This is open to full-time students after their first year and to par-time students after their second year.

Selection is not be based on academic rank. Students must comply with the Externship Program rules and course requirements for the current academic year.

Student externs in this yearlong program will have the chance to provide direct legal assistance to unaccompanied minors who have recently arrived in the United States from Central America work on their deportation cases, prepare applications for asylum and Special Immigrant Juvenile Status, and appear in immigration court.

Student externs will receive special training about immigration issues for children and adolescents and will have a chance to become involved in advocacy and education efforts related to unaccompanied minors.

Prerequisite: None