Asian-American Civil Rights



Perpetual Foreigners: The Civil Rights Journey of Asian-Americans from the Yellow Fever to COVID19

This course aims to put the Asian-American civil rights battles in a historical context to see patterns of exclusion, racism, resistance to oppression, and community activism.

By looking at the past, including tactics and policies that worked, law students will understand how to take leadership roles to create a more just and inclusive America. Students will be encouraged to think of public service and community engagement as part and parcel of their for-profit legal careers.

To that end, Asian-American justices, judges, and lawyers will speak during the four lectures. These individuals are leaders in various areas of the law, but more importantly, they have been outspoken advocates for the Asian-American community.

Students will be exposed to a new model of activism that combines a successful legal career with a long-term commitment to public service and community engagement.