Hire a GAP Associate

  1. Employer Benefits

    • Affordability – Salaries are negotiated directly between employers and GAP Associates.  GAP Associate salaries for 2016 ranged from 50K to 70K.

    • Minimal Commitment – A one-year commitment is required to participate.

    • Administrative Hiring Support – Southwestern’s Career Services Office is available to pre-screen applicants for each employer’s specific hiring requirements and coordinate interviews upon request.

    • Reduced Training Time – Gap Associates have invested in their professional development by completing required training and report to work adequately prepared.

    • Talent Pipeline – Firms have the potential to make informed offers for permanent employment at any time.

  2. Training Details

    GAP Associates must complete a 2-week legal training boot camp taught by practicing attorneys.  The hands-on interactive courses cover topics such as discovery and depositions, law and motion, the pre-trial process and client relations.  Associates will gain experience using practice guides and will leave the training program with work samples similar to what they will likely be expected to produce during their first year of practice. 

  3. Registration and Timeline

    • Employers may register here

    • Associate training begins immediately following the release of results from the July 2017 California Bar Examination.

    • Upon successful completion of training, GAP Associates may apply to positions with GAP Associate employers through the Career Services Office.  Employers will receive applicant packets immediately thereafter. 

    • The recruitment period begins in January and concludes in early March 2018.

  4. Past Participating Firms

    Acker & Whipple

    DeWitt Algorri & Algorri

    The Law Offices of Steven R. Espinoza

    The Ledbetter Law Firm

    Stockwell, Harris, Woolverton & Helphrey

    Pearlman, Borska & Wax


The GAP Associate Program (GAP) is a recruitment platform designed to meet the needs of the changing legal market by matching trained, recent Southwestern graduates with small firms that do not typically hire entry level attorneys, for twelve-month, full-time, paid positions at salaries similar to those of post-graduate legal fellowships.  Only recent graduates who successfully complete Southwestern’s rigorous civil litigation training program are eligible to participate in GAP.  GAP Associates will begin their first associate positions ready to work and well-positioned to offer immediate value to their employers on terms that are particularly suited to small firms.